Monday, March 28, 2005

Social Responsibility Among Indian Youth

I am back after a long break. Did any of you miss my blogs? Please say yes. Anyways, let us come to the topic on hand. Most people of the yester generation seem to be of the opinion that today's youth have no moral or social responsibility. I would like to give an example of a group of college freshers who have started a group called Mitran.
This group is a voluntary trust started by a group of 30 people, most of whom are just out of college from IIITB, Bangalore and the remaining few from other colleges in Tamil Nadu, who are trying to bring 2 villages in Tamil Nadu, Ettayapuram and Anangur, back to their golden days. They have a registered trust and as a first step are helping the weavers in the area by helping sell the the kurtas (traditional North Indian shirt). These people are striving to make a difference. All of them are well settled in jobs and could have lived a life without any worries about the world. But instead they chose this virtuous path.
The next argument you might make is this is a one of example and the majority are least bothered. I would say that this is true to an extent but, more youngsters are getting on to this path. Even the media is trying to instill this feeling among the youth. Take for example the new ad on television from a famous bath soap company depicting the will of a young boy who along with his friends cleans up the street on which his house is.
I believe that this generation is different. They want to see a vibrant, prosperous India. They believe that India can be a superpower and want to achieve this. At present this may be restricted to say 50% of today's youth but it is spreading.
People who want to know more about Mitran please visit their blog

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